A downloadable game for Windows

Last changes: Regular movements physics; Full revamped AI, with CPU normal angled bounces directions; All equal shoot speeds; "3P Vs CPU" mode; Full teams without the black bot.

(ITA: istruzioni contenute nel file)

You need Kodu installed to play. When done, just double click one of the ".kodu" files (modes based on numbers of players).
Each executed file will be stored in Kodu (path "Documents\SavedGames\Boku"), ready to be launched from main menu.

To use the numeric pad [.], "Num lock" on your keyboard must be turned on.

For practice you can remove bots.

To save any mod choose "Save my world" from the home menu and add in the name something. Now you have a separate game, ready to load from the home menu,  where also you can use "Export" to save it as a file.

Video optimization

After you have installed Kodu, click on the config file, then disable "Glow..." and "Amimation" to optimize visuals and performance, if the game isn't still flowing, try also to disable "Smoothing", and as last solution "Standard" for "Graphics Quality".

You can also remove theese irrelevant objects:
All the landscape, except the pitch borders layers;
Clouds (the far away in the middle contain BGM, put there to make lower volume).


Difficulty or handicap can be vary by changing the GK speed.
The real GK are located out of bounds, theese on the pitch are part of the graphic only.
The brown is for the red team, purple for the blues.
The value to modify is "Forward Acceleration Multiplier".


Boto Soccer v2018-01-18.zip 421 kB

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